Kreditbörsen is a peer to peer lending site in Sweden where medium and long term loans are issued. Kreditbörsen links borrowers with lenders (investors) where Kreditbörsen acts as an agent to approve loans, set interest levels etc. The lenders can use the service to receive a great rate of return without having to engage with every loan while borrowers get an easy, quick and efficient way to get loans that have a fair risk adjusted interest level associated with it.


Kreditbörsen set out to develop a new software to facilitate its peer to peer lending operation in an efficient manner and needed a fast time to market. Kreditbörsen also faced challenges to find future distribution of its services where it needs to find lenders (investors) to the service and borrowers.

Solution and benefit

Kreditbörsen selected to use Bricknode Financial Systems (through the Lendysoft partnership) as a core service for managing transactions, positions, loan instruments and users, basically all its back end operations. Kreditbörsen then built a front end web application for its borrowers and one for its lenders which interacts with Lendysoft (and Bricknode Financial Systems) through each API.

Kreditbörsen is also developing its own services on top of the back end core to support a real time secondary credit market.

By being a member of the Bricknode Ecosystem and utilizing Bricknode Financial Systems to manage and store its data, Kreditbörsen can start publishing its offering for investors in the Bricknode Marketplace of financial products. Brokers who use Bricknode Broker to operate their business can then decide to offer Kreditbörsen accounts to their customers through a seamless integration within Bricknode Financial Systems.

By tapping into the network of financial “sell side” institutions that are using Bricknode, Kreditbörsen can reach a lot more potential investors than would otherwise be possible. The benefit for the Bricknode Broker users is the fact that they now can offer a new financial product (account type) to their end customers and Kreditbörsen will pay the Broker a part of its income. The end customer of the Broker will not have to start a separate engagement with Kreditbörsen but instead stay loyal to the broker and simply allocate money to a new product.

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