Lendysoft - Global innovation in lending

Lendysoft (www.lendysoft.com) is a back end provider for peer-to-peer lending and sole underwriters. Lendysoft has integrated its application with Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) in order to use BFS for custody accounts, reconciliation, transactions, lender accounts, positions and financial instruments.

Using BFS as a standard engine for connecting to certain services like credit scoring services, automatic postage services and tax reporting Lendysoft could concentrate its efforts within its core competencies. The whole integration has been done by configuring a pre-installed BFS template which installs the account structure needed to run Lendysoft and then working exclusively with the BFS API.

Lendysoft is offered as an application add-on to BFS where Bricknode acts as a payment partner where users of the Lendysoft application only pays one bill per month, to Bricknode, and then Bricknode distributes the fee to Lendysoft.

“The open API of Bricknode together with the administrative service that Bricknode offers for payments and invoicing has been of tremendous value to Lendysoft and shortened the time to market greatly. There are several platforms available to application developers, like for example Salesforce, but they do not offer the functionality and libraries within finance that Bricknode does,” says Sebastian Espling, Chief Technical Officer of Lendysoft.

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