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Manage your lending business

  • Issue loans for individuals and companies
  • Loan product design with terms management
  • Accounts and transactions
  • Invoicing, reminders and collections
  • Payments and deposits
  • Manage customized payment plans and dynamic agreements

Support for borrower portals

Customer portals are used as front end for borrowers where they can apply for loans, monitor their invoices, request payment plans or manage early closing of loans. The borrowers can view their accounts and transactions together with associated loan terms.

Customer portals are configurable with look and feel and you can build your own portals for any devices using our API.

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Lender portals

Offer lender portals where your lenders can monitor their returns and watch their accounts. The lender can access reports and make settings with regards to how much should automatically be lent out of the daily returns.

The lender allocation engine automatically manages the allocation of loans to lenders according to a set of parameters that can be modified by the lender.

Manage collections

Use integrations with collection providers or manage collections yourself with the collection manager fully integrated to support cases with the Swedish Government Collection Agency called Kronofogdemyndigheten.

Built in CRM

Bricknode Lending has a built in CRM module where all customer communication can be managed as a well as the management of support issues.


Use our REST API to integrate with your own systems and extend the functionality of Bricknode Lending.

Ecosystem of integrations

In our marketplace we have multiple integrations and add-ons to select from. Like credit scoring agencies, collection companies, analytics packages, address lookup services and much more.

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