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The smarter way to manage your investments

Aggregate your data

Streamline portfolio management with a consolidated view of your investment accounts and data across all asset types.

Forget about managing currency exchange rates and valuation data

Measure performance accurately and compare data in the currency of your choice with automated currency conversion and price data feeds.

Simplify reporting requirements

Save time on reporting and tax management by generating individual or consolidated account reports. Export historical data in various formats.

Automate your accounting

Use dynamic accounting rules to produce automated accounting reports and exports to your general ledger.

Gain new insights

Track performance across your entire portfolio with real-time valuations and a range of data filters.

Increase productivity

Stop making do with clunky spreadsheets and start working with flexibility and precision in a purpose-built platform. 

“Many of our employees manage their own investment portfolios and this gives us a unique advantage when creating tools like Investment Manager. We understand the pain points and needs of our customers because we are customers too.”

Stefan Willebrand, Bricknode Founder & CEO

Portfolio management software that moves with the times

Cloud foundation

Our cloud-based platform ensures you can access your data from anywhere and you’ll always benefit from the latest updates.

Safe and secure

Our software is built on Google Cloud Platform, offering the same multi-layered security infrastructure that Google uses across its applications and devices.

Easy to use

Our platform was built with simplicity in mind. Register for a free trial and get going straight away when Investment Manager launches.

Multi language

Make it even easier to work with your data with support for over 25 languages.

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