We are strong believers in cooperation and collaboration between system solutions and service providers of all sorts. The strength in Bricknode Network comes from all the services and products we and our partners provide within it.

Benefits of being a Bricknode Partner!

Regardless of what kind of partner you are or how you conduct your Business, you have a lot to gain from partnering up with Bricknode. There is time and money to be saved and business waiting to be made.

Access to a complete financial business system

As a Bricknode Vendor Partner, you use BFS as a launching platform for your applications and Bricknode Marketplace as sales and marketing point. As a Developing partner, you can save an enormous amount of developing time by using BFS as a transaction engine, account holder or financial operating system. Concentrate your resources to build top-down and let BFS be your platform.

Shorten your "go to market time"

Your time to market will significantly reduce when you have a financial system to test your applications against, access to a Marketplace for sales and customer exposure, and a financial platform to build your verticals on for business like peer-to-peer lending or InsurTech.

Cost savings

Partnering up with the right partner is almost always the better option when the alternatives are in-house building or accusation of a platform to build your business on. It is especially true if you are a start-up FinTech Company.

Different kind of partners

Bricknode offers FinTech developers and consultants various partnership programs depending on their needs and markets.

Bricknode Reseller Partner

Bricknode Resellers build their business around sales, consulting and education against the BFS customers. As a Bricknode Reseller, you have extended knowledge in the back-office work of financial firms, rules and regulations on your designated market as well as a great understanding of the BFS system and its components.

Bricknode Developing Partner

As a developing partner, you use the BFS system as a transaction engine, account holder or Financial Operation System. You're most likely to build your business top-down with BFS as a core application. Typical applications built this way are peer-to-peer lending, pension, and insurance systems.

Bricknode Marketplace Vendor

As Bricknode Vendor partner you develop applications or add-on services to the BFS system. You are a provider of general applications marketed on Bricknode Marketplace, or customer-specific applications developed directly with a BFS end customer.

Bricknode Financial Systems Expert

As a BFS Expert partner, you work with customer processes, routines, and guidance to ensure that the BFS customer uses the systems full potential. You might be a part of the integration process as project leader or in education and system and business configuration. You have extended knowledge in the back-office work of financial firms, rules and regulations on your designated market as well as a great knowledge of the BFS system and its components.

Bricknode solution providing partners

Solution providing partners sell their products and solutions via Bricknode Marketplace. We are constantly looking for new partners with exciting solutions as a complement to the BFS platform. Today we have different feed and data providers, report generators and external printing as solution providing partners.

Become a Bricknode Partner

If you are interested in becoming a Bricknode Partner, please send us a bio, that describes who you are, your business, services, and products by filling out this form and we will get back to you for an initial meeting.

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