Some of our customers have complex requirements, require integrations and customisations or need onsite help. This is what Enterprise Services are for!

BFS Expert Advisors and industry experts are available both in-house at Bricknode and as partners.

Solving complex requirements

Operating a financial service can be complex and sometimes you need an expert that has experienced the same issues before while being literate in terms of BFS. Experts can help create your own specialised add-ons for solving your specific needs.

Onsite help

There are Expert Advisors located in various parts of the world who can help out with onsite demonstrations, training and documentation.

Integrations, migrations and customisation

Expert Advisors work with integrations and deployment of BFS in environments where hands-on projects are needed. If you are switching systems you might also need an expert to see you through the migration of data or help with upgrades.

Expert Advisors can be your guide through a complete system setup.

Get an Expert Advisor today!