Trademark Guidelines


At Bricknode we think that it is important to be transparent, clear and to know who you are working with. We are focusing a lot at building partnerships and to develop great products for the financial community. On our websites and within our services we advertise our partners and our partners are advertising Bricknode on their sites. These guidelines were created to clarify what our partners can do and not do with regards to the Bricknode brand.

The complete Bricknode Platform is called Bricknode Financial Systems, or BFS for short. We offer a number of graphical user interfaces called Back Office, Advisor and End Customer Front End together with the BFS API. We also operate the Bricknode Marketplace where Add-Ons are published and complete applications that are connected to BFS.

Our logos

You may use the Bricknode logo or product logos available here: in blogs, publications, news articles or other online or offline medium without our written consent as long as the logos are shown exactly according to how they appear in the preceding link. All other usages of the Bricknode logos require the written approval of Bricknode.