Bricknode has developed a scalable, fully cloud based platform which can be likened to the plumbing or the infrastructure of financial operations.

The Bricknode platform offers composable infrastructure for financial institutions and supports the digitalization within those organizations to enable seamless end user experiences.

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Key figures


Number of financial products on the platform


Number of trades last quarter

SEK 23bn

Total assets on the platform


Revenue growth rate
(Jan-Dec 2021 vs Jan-Dec 2020)


Revenue Retention Rate
(Jan-Dec 2021 vs Jan-Dec 2020)

The founder, Stefan Willebrand, likes to say "That we have created an operating system for finance, much in the same way as Microsoft did when the personal computer was invented. An operating system needs applications to run upon it to be useful and much in the same way as Microsoft created office with different applications, we have created applications for brokerage, fund administration, lending, deposit taking and much more." 

Bricknode's vision is to be able to help both established financial institutions and startups to digitalize their businesses and enabling them to focus on creating value for their customers without having to think about what is under the hood.  

After years of focusing on product capabilities Bricknode is now changing towards more rapid growth. 

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