Lending as a Service is a plug and play solution where we take care of all the IT infrastructure and operations for running your lending business.

Since 2011 we have operated businesses within plain vanilla balance sheet lending and peer-to-peer lending. We can manage lending to individuals and corporations.

We can assist you with the whole process from applying for a license with regulators to designing your app or website and all administrative procedures. We can even help you with your credit scoring algorithms based on our extensive work with scoring engines and machine learning.

Your customers
Your customer portal or our branded portal
Loan applications
Invoicing & notifications

Among other things our offering includes

Borrower and lending portals

Our customizable portals for borrowers and lenders can be branded or you can create your own and connect to our API.

Integrated CRM

We, or you, can manage customer communication through our integrated CRM solution.

Payments and transfers

We will operate all payment flows and transfers including daily settlement and reconciliation for your business.


Our software supports automatic mapping to your accounting structure where full automation can be obtained, both for you and your lenders.

Credit scoring

Our extensive work with credit scoring engines and machine learning enables us to work with you to design your own credit engine based on your risk levels.

Invoicing and notifications

Payment notifications and invoicing can be offered through multiple channels like e-mail, mobile text messaging and snail mail.

Product design

Various loan products can be designed directly in our system by you without the need for any programming or development including fee structures, lock in periods etc.

Analytics and BI

Real time analytics with extensive statistics and KPI's to measure and direct your business.

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