Streamlined operations for personal and business lending

Build superior lending propositions

Configure your lending product and terms for balance sheet and peer-to-peer lending propositions.

Automate loan origination

Fast track loan applications for your customers with automated workflows from application to disbursement.

Complete loan management

Integrated CRM to manage account servicing, reminders and collections.

Integrate seamlessly

Use our REST API to integrate with your own applications or extend functionality with one of our add-ons for credit scoring, collections and compliance.

Scale your business

Increase capacity and customer growth with automation and process optimization.

Gain valuable insight

Real-time analytics and reporting identify valuable insights and trends.

“We work closely with all our customers to ensure their lending operation is set up for success. With years of experience running and implementing lending propositions, we can provide expert guidance to both start-ups and established lenders.”

Erik Hagelin, Bricknode Co-CEO

Loan management software built for success

Maximise your return

There are no setup fees and you’ll only ever pay for the features you need.

Cloud foundation

Our cloud-based platform ensures you can access your loan management system anywhere and you’ll always have the latest updates.

Kick-start your business

Just starting out? We can assist with everything from your license application to product design and credit scoring.

Outsource administration

Outsource day-to-day lending management and administration of your offering to Bricknode’s experienced team.

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