Component Description
Legal Entities This module enables the BFS instanace to register and store Legal Entities that are natural or legal persons. These can be customers, fund companies, fund entities, advisors, administrators, counterparties and issuers.
Account management In BFS it is possible to create BFS-accounts of various types. An asset that is present in a BFS-account constitutes a debt or claim that the account owner has on the "Operator" of the account (the operator of the account is almost always the House except when BFS is used for Fund Administration where a Fund entity can be the Operator of a BFS-account and have a debt to its position holders. The function for Power of attorneys is included in this module. Account types can be configured in the BFS instance. The account type "Mirror account" only mirrors assets from an external "Operator" and does not pose a debt or claim between the account owner and the House. An example of a mirror account is when a Legal Entity has holdings with a brokerage firm like Nordnet and these holdings should be shown/mirrored within a BFS-account.
Custody account management Within BFS it is possible to create Custody accounts which reflect the assets that the House has with an external "Operator" like a bank. If there is 100 SEK as a joint value for all BFS-accounts (the total debt of the house) there should also be 100 SEK as an aggregated value in one or several Custody Accounts, if 100 SEK does not exist in custody accounts the House has a deficit of capital.
Counterparty management In BFS it is possible to create Legal Entities and configure them as Counterparties and then the Counterparties could have counterparty accounts which are used when trades are made with these parties, for example a Fund entity could be a counterparty to a fund trade. The Counterparty management is also used for exchange traded products.
API API Includes 5000 calls per 24 hour period
Instrument Management The following instrument types are available for purchase in the marketplace:

Structured products
Instructions Settlement instructions for custodians can be generated in BFS.
Cash transfers Deposits and withdrawals of cash from within the user interfaces and API
Instrument trading, own book Trading of instruments through the own book of the house can be conducted with the settlement types payment driven, confirmation driven and price driven. Orders can be settled one by one or through netting.
Instrument trading, manual By using the manual trade route instruments can be traded with counterparties with execution outside of BFS and booked manually in BFS.
Instrument trading, fax (XML output) By using the xml trade route instruments can be traded and instructions generated in xml that can be inputted to fax services for distribution.
Forms Management Create custom forms like account applications, KYC forms etc. through xml files
Back office GUI The back office user interface
Advisor GUI The advisory user interface
Front end GUI The customer front end interface
Savings profiles Connect savings profiles to accounts
Currency exchange Manage currency exchange for customers
External transfer receivers Link legal entities like customers, counterparties etc. to various types of transfer receivers. For example customers can register their accounts they have with other institutions where they want to transfer assets to.
Account type management Manage and create any account types you want to offer
Transaction type management Manage and create any transaction types you want to offer and define simple or complex transaction flows
Terms and conditions for end customers You can link to terms and conditions files or websites for end customers that will be shown on the customer front end.
Welcome emails to end customers Customized welcome e-mails can be sent to end customers when they register