Bricknode provides scalable, cloud-based software that enables companies to launch modern, digital financial services and gain a competitive edge.

We help businesses avoid lengthy software development with ready-to-deploy SaaS solutions for investments and lending. Our composable infrastructure adds flexibility, making it easy to integrate, configure and swap out components at any time.

Bricknode’s managed services provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to outsource back-office administration once live.

Key figures


Number of financial products on the platform


Number of trades last quarter

SEK 23bn

Total assets on the platform


Revenue growth rate
(Jan-Dec 2021 vs Jan-Dec 2020)


Revenue Retention Rate
(Jan-Dec 2021 vs Jan-Dec 2020)

Company background

Bricknode was founded in 2010 by Stefan Willebrand, supported by a team that has worked on fintech projects together for many years.

We have created an operating system for finance, much in the same way as Microsoft did when the personal computer was invented. An operating system needs applications to run on top of it to be useful and much in the same way as Microsoft created Office with different applications, we have created applications for brokerage, fund administration, lending, deposit taking and much more. – Stefan Willebrand, Founder & CEO

Since 2010, the company has spent several years developing its product capabilities and mastering all the technical complexities associated with financial software. Bricknode is expanding quickly with a team spread across offices in London, Stockholm and Skövde.

Why invest?

Gain exposure to the global digitalization of the financial markets without having the risk of direct exposure to the volatile B2C market.
Bricknode is used by its customers to deliver various financial products and services, thus diversifying your exposure.
Our pricing model uses an income floor with participation in the success of our customers.
Just as Microsoft managed to get a cut from every PC that was sold without carrying the risk of each individual PC brand, Bricknode participates in the global fintech revolution without carrying the risk of a single financial company.