Putting the fun in finance!

I want to help people like you and me to a better financial life. Bricknode does this by bringing new financial services to the market. We do this through our cloud based platform and ecosystem where partners who have the same values and beliefs as us can participate.

Ever since I traded my first stock I have been fascinated by the technicalities of financial markets. In 1998, at the age of 21, I started learning everything I could about technical analysis of the global stock markets and started a company that sold stock market research.

I quickly used my computer skills to build automated trading systems and my own testing software to try to beat the markets. I had great success in the US stock and futures markets and went to Chicago in 2001 where I started my own hedge fund.

Since then I have created numerous software applications to use in my own companies with the largest project being a spread betting and CFD trading operation, that company is still active today and called Ayondo (www.ayondo.com). During this time I have also operated a proprietary trading company with 40 traders and I have built a group of companies within Peer-to-Peer lending.

During 2006 I realized that financial technology, FinTech, would revolutionize the financial marketplace and in 2010 I founded Bricknode in order to function as a core platform for financial institutions, FinTech innovators, financial app developers and expert advisors. I set out to create a FinTech Ecosystem where numerous stakeholders could share the same standardized infrastructure in order to speed up the time to market for new financial innovations.

Bricknode has spent the years learning and developing a number of versions of its software, Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS), and at the end of 2016 we released the first real scalable version of our Ecosystem with a global focus.


My greatest hope is that people will start to use BFS in ways that I never imagined and that Bricknode will be a part of delivering great financial products to the consumer for many years to come!

The Bricknode Team

Andreas Grahn

Andreas Grahn has been working as a software developer at Bricknode since December 2013.

Andreas took his masters degree in software development in 2003. At the beginning of his career he worked primarily with business intelligence and data warehousing.

Before Andreas started in Bricknode he worked at Skövde University, where he was primarily responsible for developing the school's student portal.

Annika Javestad
Marketing Director

Annika has spent her last 17 years within different marketing positions in the financial industry, previously as Head of Marketing at the internet bank Nordnet.

She joined the group in August 2017 by adopting their passion for a customer driven financial landscape.

Carl Haglind

Carl Haglind is working as a back-end developer at Bricknode and has been working here since January 2016.

Before Carl started working at Bricknode he was a consultant developer at Combitech AB and worked mostly with front end programming.

Carl has a Master of Science in engineering physics from Uppsala University.

Daniel Farrington

Daniel Farrington has been Chief Information Officer of Bricknode AB since September 2010.

Daniel has worked for SYCAP Group AB since September 2006. From the start Daniel was responsible for the software of the company and since 2008 his role has been CTO. Daniel's main responsibilities has been the development and operation of services for Spread Betting and trading of CFD instruments.

Previously Daniel worked for a company called Labyrinten Data with developing a media player for digital speech books. Daniel was involved with making the organization more efficient.

Daniel has operated a company of his own within the IT-sector and developed software for storage facilities and lean production support. Daniel acted as a mentor for one of the co-workers in the mentioned company.

Daniel studied Software Engineering at the University of Skövde.

Erik Hagelin

Erik joined the group in 2016 with focus on product development. Since 2017 he manage both Bricknode and Lendytech as CEO. His passion is to deliver first class product to the financial market and he strongly believe in the power of a great team to reach that.

Erik use to say that the fantastic sport handball is one side of his life and enterprising the other one. A combination of two interest that require focus and continuously development to get result, but above all a genuine interest in people.

Lena Birath
Documentation Manager

Lena Birath started working at Bricknode AB 2015 and works with documentation and support.

Before Lena joined Bricknode she worked with application support of a financial business system.

She has previously worked with support of various computer systems and in the telecommunications sector with delivery of data and telecommunications solutions to businesses.

Lena also work with cake decoration classes and make sugar art.

Lena has a Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Educational and Information Technology.

Love Bing
Content Manager

Love Bing, wordsmith extraordinaire. Our content manager, whom we saved from the advertising industry, where he was held captive as a copywriter.

Marcus Wallgren
Operations Engineer

Studied Computer Science at University of Skövde.

Moved to Gothenburgh 2014 and started his career at Benify, where he worked with system administration, infrastructure and IT operations during two years.

Moved to Skara and started at Bricknode in September 2016, working as an Operations Engineer with a focus on DevOps.

Mattias Brian
Art Director

Mattias has been developing the BFS GUI framework and done various design work including web design, logos and brochures since the start of Bricknode AB in September 2010.

Mattias have been active in the IT-sector since 1995 working as IT-Consultant, Web Master, Web Designer and Web Developer.

Rickard Olsson

Rickard Olsson has been Developer for Bricknode AB since September 2010. He lives in an apartment in Skövde.

Between 2004 and 2006 Rickard worked at Sycap there he traded bonds and indices as a proprietary trader and placed trades for the systematic tradingsystems Sycap had developed. Rickard was also responsible for trading educations held online and over the phone.

In 2006 Rickard started at Sycap Group at the trading desk there he monitored how the clients were trading. He controlled the current risk and placed hedges in the underlying markets when needed. He also where in charge of the instrument management in the system. Later Rickard started to be more involved with the development of the CFD/Spread Betting platform and thereby started to focus more on programming.

Before he started at Sycap, Rickard studied Computer Science at the University of Skövde.

Rolf Kallenbäck
Technical Account Manager

Rolf has worked in various roles within software development since 1998. Mainly in the fin-and insuretech area. He thrives in the presence of customers, is a passionate software developer, MA Sc in computer science, certified software architect, requirements engineer and scrum master.

Before starting at Bricknode he was a freelance IT consultant.

Veronika Bergström
Test Manager

Veronika has been a part of the Bricknode team since 2013. She is in charge of quality assurance and testing of Bricknodes applications and as Scrum Master she handles the planning of sprints and releases.

Veronika worked as a computer consultant for six years before she signed up with Bricknode. There she experienced many types of organizations for example: Husqvarna, Swedish Courts Administration (Domstolsverket), Arkivator, VGR, Vinnova and Volvo IT. Her main focus has previously been system development, but her focus has shifted and in later years she mainly has worked with quality assurance and testing.

Veronika has studied Computer Science at the University of Skövde and Karlstad.

Stefan Willebrand

Stefan Willebrand is the founder of Bricknode AB.

Stefan has founded and developed companies within the financial industry since 1998. In his early 20s he founded a company that published technical analysis of the global financial markets and later became a writer for Privata Affärer. In the year 2000 Stefan became a money manager and obtained a CTA registration in the US during 2001 managing his own futures fund.

During 2005 he founded the company SYCAP Group and then Gekko Global Markets Limited which offers trading of OTC-products like CFD, Spread Betting and Forex. The business grew successfully and during 2010 the operations were centralized to London.

Torbjörn Rundkvist
Sales and Acount Manager

Torbjörn has a background from working with ERP systems and many years as a Business Developer with the last seven years at Gothia Science Parks Incubator. His experience handling the hurdles companies have to pass to create a sustainable business and this is a great asset when supporting Bricknodes journey to create a new Ecosystem within the financial sector.

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