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We supply the infrastructure and operational services to the financial industry. Compose your own digital financial operation!

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Compose your own digital financial institution by assembling it on our core platform. Use Bricknode Financial Systems Core with its API as a framework to build your own financial business.

Use our ready-to-go modules for

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Brokerage as a Service

We deliver fully automated infrastructure and outsourced back office. Together with our partners we can even carry the accounts within our regulated securities firms. We take care of accounts, orders, safekeeping of assets and all administrative tasks including AML, KYC, tax reporting. Wide selection of products covering global stocks, investment funds, bonds, currencies and much more.

Integrate your own applications via API, use our customized customer portal or let us deliver a new customer experience for your business exactly the way you want it.

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Lending as a Service

A complete infrastructure and back office operation for any type of lending activity. Are you launching a new lending business or have an existing operation that you would like to automate and outsource?

With our lending software and operations organization we can help you with obtaining regulatory permissions and all aspects of your lending business.

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Custom projects

Looking for a new customer portal or automation of internal processes integrating with other applications that you use?

We are experts within financial technology and business operations where our project and consultancy division can assist you in many aspects.

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