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Who are we?


We want to help people like you and us to an improved financial life.


We do this by bringing new financial services to the market.


We offer a cloud based platform and ecosystem for partners who share the same values and beliefs.

Some of our Customers

Financial Institutions

As a financial institution you can use Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) as a complete solution for back office, associated financial advisors/brokers as well as a customer front end.

BFS is a cloud based service which does not require installations or maintenance in order for you to focus on your business!

BFS offers an open API where you and your partners can integrate your own systems in order to streamline your business. Through the Bricknode Marketplace you get access to numerous apps that are developed by Bricknode or third party developers.


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FinTech Innovators

Are you building a new revolutionary service within the financial technology industry? Do you need a solid core platform where you get connectivity to exchanges, store transactions, orders, users and all the other standard stuff that is required to operate a financial service?

If so Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) could be the solution for you! You do not need to invent the wheel all over again, use BFS to reduce your time to market significantly and focus on your cool product!


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App Developers

Are you an application developer within the financial industry? If so you can participate in Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) in order to distribute your applications to the users of BFS. You can publish your apps within the Bricknode Marketplace as stand-alone applications or integrations with BFS.

You can use our open API to support the development of your products and Bricknode can even manage customer payments for you so that you can focus on your apps!


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Expert Partners

Are you a financial operations expert or IT wizard offering your consultancy services? Our users constantly want to innovate their business and develop their usage of BFS and their own integrations. As a certified BFS Expert Advisor you can offer your services directly to BFS customers and partners.

Bricknode offers an educational package and full exposure to our customer base!


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