Bricknode introducing game changer within transaction management

Bricknode is now introducing Account Worlds & Dimensions ("AWD"), which is a new concept within…

Bricknode replaces AbaSec at securities firm

For the first time since inception Bricknode was contracted during December 2014 to replace AbaSec …

Bricknode launches offering within Peer-to-Peer Lending

Today Bricknode ( is launching a new offering using Bricknode Financial Systems…

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Financial Backoffice in The Cloud!

With Bricknode Financial Systems you can manage your financial back office operations completely in the cloud, supporting multiple devices and independent of platforms.

Holistic Securities Platform

Bricknode Financial Systems promotes a holistic approach to software where all core parts are completely integrated within one framework in order to achieve the highest efficiency.

About Bricknode

The financial industry is currently going through the most significant change since mutual funds were introduced. Next generation financial instruments such as ETF, CFD and Forex are attracting the focus of investors and brokers.

The goal of Bricknode is to set the standard for how existing and future instruments are being traded and managed within financial companies.